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Filter Papers / Filter Pads

We offer complete range of filter papers and pads in varied GSM ranging from 20 GSM to 500 GSM depending upon customers needs. The filter papers are depth filters consisting of fibers stratified at random. These fiber may be pure cellulose, Synthetic polymers, glass or cellulose mixed with other materials such as polymer fibers or asbestos. The mechanism of filtration in this case is extremely complex. Separation is obtained mainly as a result of mechanical retention of the particles. Retention efficiency of the paper depends on the porosity, size of the fibers, surface conditions, thickness and compactness of paper. The cake setting on the filter paper forms a secondary filter bed whose characteristics and density considerably influence the further filtering process. Pure cellulose pad is available in various size and configurations for desired applications.

The Filters papers in varied GSM and constructions are available for the filtrations of Cutting Oil and Coolant.

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